Striking Oil in Ontario


May 2016

Matthews or Laine?

Due to my location being primarily Toronto Maple Leafs territory, and my long-standing interest in the draft each year, I’ve decided to weigh in on the first overall debate, and support my selection for Auston Matthews over Patrik Laine, as the top draft prospect as found here. To do so I’ve looked at it from both a team independent perspective (Best Player Available) and a particularly from the perspective of the Leafs organization.

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How the Edmonton Oilers Defense Performs With and WIthout Taylor Hall

Regardless of where you stand on Edmonton Oilers winger Taylor Hall, his underlying analytics are some of the best in the league. Hall is the metaphorical tide that raises all boats in terms of on-ice possession numbers. This fact brings up the question: How do the Oilers defensemen perform when playing with Taylor Hall, and when playing apart?

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