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April 2016

2016 NHL Draft: Top-30

With the Oilers season finished, I’ve begun to really start to dig deep into the draft eligible prospects. As like many Oilers fans, I’ve become a fan of the draft over the years as a natural reaction to the high draft picks, and lack of playoff hockey. Although I’ve been following all these players throughout the year, and reading other opinions on top prospects, this is the first time that I’ve drawn up my own list. This is a preliminary list and is bound to change slightly by draft day but I wanted to get my opinions out there.

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Oscar Klefbom and the Season That Could Have Been

The Edmonton Oilers were truly hurt this season by a multitude of injuries to key players. None of which cost the Oilers as much at the 52 games missed by defenseman Oscar Klefbom.

To say that this season has been a tough one for Klefbom would be an understatement. After initially breaking a finger, in mid December, it was later revealed that he had contracted an infection in his foot, which nagged him for the rest of the season. Moreover, several times during his stint on the IR, it appeared as if he was close to a return, before setbacks derailed his progress.

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