Striking Oil in Ontario


October 2015

Often the Victim, rarely the victor


Stop overthinking this Darnell Nurse should be in the Oilers lineup.

Early reports from the Oilers first two games have the Oilers showing improvement in many areas of the game. Justin Schultz is finally starting to look like an all-around NHL defender. Talbot has provided more than capable goaltending. But my grievances lie with a lack of team willingness to mix things up in the dirty areas. The Oilers are just never the aggressors. Continue reading “Often the Victim, rarely the victor”


Change Comes from the Top

The past few days have seen the Oilers management group place two significant players on waivers for the purpose of reassignment to the AHL. Nikita Nikitin ($4.5M) and Ben Scrivens ($2.3M) both entering the last season of their respective contracts represent a large cap hit to be paid to minor league players.

Continue reading “Change Comes from the Top”

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